Epic Hosting Privacy Policy

BoxBilling.com - Client Management, Invoice and Support Software

The only information stored on our servers is the information you provided to us when registering your account and your current plan:
- Email
- First Name (If given)
- Discord Tag (If given)'
- A hashed password. (Hashed means that it is not stored in a plain format) Instead of "Password123" it will look like "008c70392e3abfbd0fa47bbc2ed96aa99bd49e159727fcba0f2e6abeb3a9d601"

Things that are NOT stored on our website:
- Payment info
- Personal details such as an address

All the information provided to us will be kept encrypted on our servers and will not be provided to any 3rd party companies for any reason. If you wish to have your information purged from our system then please delete your account and use the "Contact Us" page to further ensure your information is removed. Please allow 3-5 business days to receive an official response regarding your inquiry.

Please understand that if your information is purged then you are unable to receive services from Epic Hosting until an account is registered.

Any questions can be formally submitted through our "Contact Us" page, thank you.